Advice for practitioners

This section provides information about common procedures that legal practitioners and other parties to an appeal should follow where appropriate.

ADR calendar online

Access the ADR Registrar’s online calendar to see when they’re available to conduct a conference or meeting.

Requesting an adjournment of a review

The process for requesting an adjournment for an appeal that’s listed to be reviewed

Requesting an appearance by phone

How to request a review appearance by telephone

Requesting a lengthy review or minor change hearing

The process for seeking a review, orders or final judgments for a minor change (Brisbane court only) likely to exceed 10 minutes but will take no longer than 60 minutes to hear

Robing policy - Queensland Courts and Tribunals

The Robing Policy outlines the the requirements of whether you must use robes or wigs in Queensland Courts and Tribunals.

Booking an ADR conference or meeting

How to book an appointment for a mediation, ‘without prejudice’ conference, case management conference or joint experts meeting to be chaired by the ADR Registrar

Information required for ADR conference

The information required to be provided to the ADR Registrar prior to a conference or meeting.

Changing a court approval

How to request changes to development approvals and give the registry a notice of decision

Seeking a court order

What to provide when seeking a court order

Seeking a consent order from ADR Registrar

What to provide when seeking a consent order from the ADR Registrar