Land Court

The Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 passed and received assent on 20 September 2023. The Bill amends section 52 of the Human Rights Act 2019 requiring parties to proceedings in the Land Court to give notice to the Attorney-General where Human Right aspects are concerned. Parties in these proceedings should consider Practice Direction 4/2023 and Form 28 - Human Rights Act Notice.

The Land Court of Queensland hears and determines matters relating to land and natural resources. The court:

  • hears appeals against land valuations
  • determines claims for compensation for the resumption of land
  • makes recommendations and hears objections to the grant of mining tenures and environmental authorities for resource projects
  • determines compensation for mining claims and leases and determines compensation and land access conditions for mining exploration and other natural resource activities
  • hears appeals against local government rating categories
  • deals with Indigenous land and cultural heritage issues, including the grant of injunctions and approval of cultural heritage management plans.

Procedural Assistance Service

Procedural assistance is advice about court processes. For example, the Court can provide assistance about:

  • how to start a case
  • what form to use
  • the process a case may follow
  • procedures to help you resolve the case without a decision
  • what happens at hearings and other court events.

for appeals against land valuation, compensation for land resumptions, objections to mining projects, landowner compensation for mining activities, protection for cultural heritage

Reconciliation Action Plan

Information about the Land Courts Reconciliation Action Plan - Innovate 2022-2024


Judgments by the Land Court and Land Appeal Court of Queensland. See also the policy for reserved judgments.

About the Land Court

Information about the Land Court, including its history, membership and jurisdiction, and links to annual reports and reviews of valuation cases

Land Court Associates

Information about the role of an Associate in the Land Court and how to apply

Resolving disputes without a hearing

Information about using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to assist parties to resolve their disputes and reach agreement themselves

Information and resources for going to court

Information and resources to support clients going to the Land Court


The current schedule of court fees and information on how to pay


A list of all forms used by the Land Court and Land Appeal Court


A list of Communications issued by the Land Court about new legislation, processes and other developments

Interest rates

Interest rates payable on compensation awards and money orders

Appealing a Land Court decision

The structure of appeals from the Land Court and appealing to the Land Appeal Court


Contacting the Land Court and Tribunal Registry