Domestic and family violence

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Regardless whether you’re a younger or older person, or whether you’ve been in a relationship many years or a short time, you have the right to feel safe and respected. The law recognises the importance of personal safety and that domestic and family violence is not tolerated in society.

Domestic violence orders are part of a strategy to protect the safety of all members of our community and to stop the violence.

See the following information for detail on how to apply for protection from the court, and get support and more information on domestic violence.

Reach out for help

Information and a range of Indigenous resources to help to build awareness about domestic and family violence and the courts process.

National Domestic Violence Order Scheme

New laws have been introduced nationwide to improve the protection of domestic violence victims. All DVOs issued from 25 November 2017 are now automatically nationally recognised and enforceable.

Domestic violence orders

Detail about what a domestic violence order is, including how to apply and the court process for the aggrieved (the person who wants a domestic violence order)

Having an order made against you

What to do if a domestic violence order application is made against you and the court process for respondents (the person having the order made against them)

What is domestic violence?

More details about what constitutes domestic violence

Support services

A list of support services for counselling, legal help, financial assistance and more

Videos on domestic violence court process

Videos about domestic violence orders, what happens when you go to court, and more. Also available in Auslan and six languages

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How Queensland Courts is helping

New Queensland Courts initiatives to enhance the legal system to better support those affected by domestic violence

Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Court

Queensland’s specialist domestic and family violence (DFV) courts and new specialist DFV court approaches

Judicial education - Domestic and family violence

Queensland Magistrates receive targeted judicial education on domestic and family violence related issues through a variety of formats including conferences, lunch time seminars and regular newsletters.


Find all the forms regarding domestic and family violence matters in the courts

Video Recorded Evidence-In-Chief pilot

Information about the pilot of video recorded evidence-in-chief statements.

Approved Providers and Intervention Programs

Contact details for a list of Queensland Government approved providers and the intervention programs they provide.