Queensland's courts include a range of courts, including the Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court.

These courts hear civil and criminal cases:

  • Civil cases are disputes between two or more parties (people or organisations) where one party sues the other, usually for compensation for harm done or loss sustained.
  • Criminal cases involve offences against the broader community, ranging from littering to murder.

Magistrates Courts can hear cases in 131 locations throughout the state, while the Supreme and District Courts sit in 11 and 38 locations respectively.

Judges also travel regularly throughout the state to hear cases in regional towns and remote areas.

Supreme Court (Court of Appeal)

Supreme Court (Trial Division)

Industrial Court

Industrial Relations Commission

District Court

Planning and Environment Court

Land Appeal Court

Land Court

Magistrates Court

Drug and Alcohol Court

Coroners Court

Childrens Court

Mental Health Court

Murri Court

Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Court

Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal