Queensland Courts calendars

    Supreme Court

    Civil trials - available dates

    Civil applications list (judges) - available dates

    Civil applications list (Corporations registrar) – available dates

    Corporations Court change

    Effective Thursday 13 February 2020, the regular listings for Corporations Court will be Tuesday and Thursday. The decision to change the regular listings days to Tuesday and Thursday (from Monday and Thursday) was made following consultation with stakeholders.

    Trial Division

    July 2021 to January 2022 (PDF, 183.0 KB)

    January 2022 to July 2022 (PDF, 166.1 KB)

    District Court

    Civil applications list (judges) - available dates

    Trial Division

    2022 (PDF, 217.7 KB)

    2021 (PDF, 155.6 KB)

    2020 (PDF, 332.6 KB)

    Planning and Environment Court

    Callover sittings list 2021 (PDF, 567.5 KB)

    Callover sitting list 2022 (PDF, 563.6 KB)

    Available hearing dates (PDF, 103.9 KB)

    2021 Court Calendar (PDF, 250.1 KB)

    PE Applications/Reviews – available dates calendar

    Magistrates Court