Transcripts and recordings

Queensland State Courts and Tribunals are courts of record. Proceedings are usually recorded, and a written transcript of the proceedings may be produced.

All proceedings are recorded in compliance with the Recording of Evidence Act 1962.

All transcripts are generated in compliance with the Department's Transcript Format and Style Guide. (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Recording of Evidence Regulation 2018

Commencing on 18 April 2023, the Recording of Evidence Regulation 2018 enables joint requests and cost sharing of transcript fees for certain proceeding types, and expands transcript fee exemptions to include proceedings before the Coroner or Industrial Magistrate, for the family of the deceased person.


QTranscripts is the online platform for requesting, tracking and receiving audio or transcripts of court proceedings. For more information download a copy of the QTranscripts flyer (PDF, 2.0 MB).

When you visit QTranscripts for the first time, it will ask you to login with either your myGovID or QGov account where you will need to prove your ‘digital identity'.

If you do not have a myGovID, find out more information and set one up at myGovID.

Or to create a QGov account, you can register for an account at QGov. For more information, refer to the QGov FAQs.

Please note, if you have multiple QGov accounts, you can also choose to link these accounts.

QTranscripts is a web-based platform that is secure and easy to use. If you require further information or FAQs, visit the QTranscripts Support Library.

How to request a product

When you visit QTranscripts  for the first time, it will ask you to login with either your myGovID or QGov account where you will need to prove your ‘digital identity’.

Step. 1 Go to

Step. 2 Select Public Login.

Step. 3 Login with your myGovID or QGov account.

Step. 4 If you do not have a myGovID or QGov account, you will be prompted to create one. Follow the prompts to establish your myGovID or QGov account.

Step. 5 Follow the prompts in QTranscripts to request your product.

See QGov FAQs for more information.

Unable to order online?

If you cannot create a myGovID or QGov account or access online services to request a transcript or audio, you will need to complete one of the Request for Transcript forms, listed below. If you are unable to access this form online, you can request a copy of the form by calling 1800 842 122, available Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm (excluding Queensland public holidays) or by visiting a Courthouse.

Receiving your product

In QTranscripts you can track the progress of your order, query your request, and view any communication from DJAG.

When your audio or transcript request is finalised, a secure link to download the product will be sent to you. This safeguards audio or transcript security.

You have 30 days to download your audio or transcript before the link expires.

Fees and charges

For fees of new transcripts purchased from Transcription Service Providers in QTranscripts, you have the choice of two providers:

VIQ Solutions


Fees for copies of transcripts and recordings

See the Recording of Evidence Regulation 2018 for details of the fee units and rounding rules. (No GST.)

Item Fee ($)

Copies in print or electronic form of a record of a legal proceeding before the Industrial Relations Commission

First copy—per page

5.05 per page

Additional copy issued to the same person—per page

1.10 per page

Copies in print or electronic form of a record of another legal proceeding

First copy:


The first eight pages


Each extra page

12.75 per page

Additional copy issued to the same person—per page

1.70 per page

Audio recording in electronic form or cassette tape—per hour

42.35 per hour

Fee waiver

Division 3 of the Recording of Evidence Regulation 2018 provides for provision of copies of a record or transcript to particular persons at no or reduced cost.

Section 7 of the Regulation relates specifically to fee waiver requests due to financial hardship. The Department of Justice and Attorney-General Financial hardship fee waiver policy (PDF, 211.7 KB) provides further information.

From 18 April 2023, where a legal proceeding before a Queensland Coroner or Industrial Magistrate relates to the death of a person, a family member of the deceased is entitled to one free copy of an existing transcript of the proceeding (or if a transcript does not exist an audio recording), regardless of when the proceeding concluded. You can apply for a free copy of transcript or audio through QTranscripts by selecting Victim of personal offence or a family member of deceased person or by submitting a Request for Transcript - Victim of a Personal Offence (PDF, 347.6 KB).

Cost sharing a transcript order

Under s4A of the Recording of Evidence Regulation 2018, two or more parties to a legal proceeding can arrange to make a joint request for a transcript and share the total cost of the order.

When submitting a request via QTranscripts, you will have the option to select cost–sharing. For more information on making an order through QTranscripts, see the support library article: Sharing transcripts costs – information for joint requests (PDF, 362.5 KB).

Each party must have a registered QTranscripts account and will be notified whether the request and the cost sharing application meets eligibility requirements.

For more information on making a joint request, please see the Transcript Cost-Sharing Policy (PDF, 198.8 KB) and information sheet: Making a joint request for a transcript (PDF, 219.5 KB).

Request for Transcripts forms

Request for Transcript (PDF, 404.7 KB)

Request for Transcript – Cost sharing (PDF, 449.3 KB)

Request For Transcript & Financial Hardship Fee Waiver Application Form (PDF, 430.7 KB)

Request For Transcript – Victim of a Personal Offence (PDF, 347.6 KB)

Frequently asked questions

Place your order (for an external or internal transcript request) via QTranscripts. Instructions on how to order can be found in the QTranscripts Support Library.

For more information, please refer to this webpage.

To access QTranscripts services online a person must prove who they are by establishing a digital identity through myGovID or QGov.

A person uses a myGovID or QGov digital identity to make online QTranscripts requests.

Follow these steps to access QTranscripts:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Log In icon.
  • On selecting Log In to QTranscripts, you be given the option to login using myGovID or QGov.
  • If you do not have a myGovID or QGov identity, you will be prompted to create one.
  • Once you enter your details and log in to either myGovID or QGov you will be redirected back to QTranscripts as logged in.

For any issues in relation to myGovID, visit the Help page or call 1300 287 539.

For any issues in relation to QGov, call 13QGOV (13 74 68) or lodge an online query with QGov.

When placing your order through the QTranscripts portal, you will be able to choose from a range of turnaround timeframes including 3, 5, 10, or standard 20 days and also urgent or ‘other’ depending on your delivery and cost considerations.

For general information on pricing and turnaround times, search for the article ‘Pricing and Turnaround Times’ in the Support Library in QTranscripts.

For pricing information available from the Transcription Service Providers, please refer to the Epiq and VIQ websites.

If you placed your order via QTranscripts, you will receive an email notification with a link to your order in My Activities once the transcript is ready and any payment (if required) has been processed.

The transcript will be available as a PDF version.

Note:  The link to download audio or a transcript in QTranscripts remains open for 30 days, after this time your request will close and the option to download will no longer be available. If you require the transcript after this time, you can access the closed order and send a request via My Activities to the Recording and Transcription Services team to re-open the order.

If your request was via a manual offline form, your completed order will be delivered by your preferred delivery choice indicated on your request form.

In QTranscripts you can go into My Activities in the QTranscripts portal and check the progress of your order.

If you need to query the progress of your request, open the request and enter a message in the Request Correspondence section. Your request will go to the Recording & Transcription Services team to respond.

No, you cannot receive transcripts via email. The recording and transcription services model requires all users of the QTranscripts portal to authenticate themselves (100 points of identification) for enhanced security measures and relies on transcripts to be accessed via secure links and downloaded from within the portal to the authorised user.

If you are having difficulties accessing QTranscripts, select the ‘Account Help’ icon on the home page for more information.

If you cannot access the QTranscripts portal (due to limited or no access to technology, you are in prison, or do not have the ability to set up a QGov or MyGov account) you will need to complete the manual Request for Transcript form . These forms can be lodged at a Courthouse or mailed to:

Recording and Transcription Services
Department of Justice and Attorney-General

GPO Box 1649


Download a Request for Transcript form online, or if you cannot access online contact 1800 842 122, available Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm (excluding Queensland public holidays). Alternatively, you can visit a Queensland Magistrates Courthouse to request a copy of the form.

Various information on the recording and transcription service model can be obtained on this webpage. Information is also available for users within the QTranscripts portal, including how to set up an account by selecting the "Help" tile on the home page. Once a user has logged into the QTranscripts portal, further resources (FAQ's and articles) can be accessed in the Support Library, located in the navigation bar on the home page.

You will need to log into your QTranscripts account, then select the ‘Feedback’ option located on the navigation bar at the top of the QTranscripts home page and a feedback form will be available. Select the option from the list to lodge a complaint, compliment, feedback or suggestion. Please provide as much information as possible in order to assist us in responding to your comments/feedback.

Child protection matters

Requests for copies of records or documents of proceedings relating to child protection court proceedings can only be released where legislation allows release to a person or entity, or where a court order directs release of the transcript.

Read more on the Requesting copies of records in child protection proceedings page.

Closed Court matters

Requests for copies of records or documents of proceedings in a closed court—including the Childrens Court, and Domestic and Family Violence matters—may require ministerial or chief executive approval under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 and the Justices Act 1886.