Working with Queensland Courts


Daily law lists

Refer to the daily law lists of the Supreme Court, District Court (including the Planning and Environment Court), Industrial Court, Land Court and Magistrates Court.

Accredited media representatives can apply to receive these by email, together with criminal charge lists, by contacting or (for Brisbane CBD courts) or by phoning or emailing local registries in other locations.

Coroners Court sittings

Refer to the monthly schedule of sittings of the Coroners Court of Queensland.

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General Media Unit will advise media representatives when coronial findings are due to be handed down.

Circuit Court sittings

Refer to the court calendars for the dates of regional circuit court sittings of the Supreme Court, District Court and Magistrates Court.

Routine media enquiries about court appearance dates and outcomes

Contact the registry of courthouse where the criminal matter is listed. For all higher court criminal and civil matters in Brisbane contact the Principal Information Officer:
+61 7 3738 7640

For details of Supreme Court and District Court civil matters, use the eCourts application.

Search for a court file

There are several options for searching and accessing files and documents used in Queensland Courts.

Access, download and print documents for active Planning and Environment Court matters originating in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Maroochydore and Southport.

Media enquiries for the Magistrates Court, Coroners Court and the Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Contact the Department of Justice and Attorney-General Media Unit:
+61 7 3738 9295

Media enquiries for juvenile criminal matters

For listing dates of juvenile matters in the Childrens Court (Magistrate), email the Magistrates Courts Service:

For listing dates of juvenile matters in the Childrens Court (Judge) or the Supreme Court, email the Principal Information Officer:

Media enquiries for the Supreme Court, District Court (including the Planning and Environment Court) and Land Court

Contact the Principal Information Officer:
+61 7 3738 7640

Media court identification cards

Accredited media representatives in Brisbane can apply for, renew or replace a media court identification card by submitting the application form (DOC, 346.5 KB) to the Principal Information Officer

Courts and tribunals

Queensland Courts and tribunals

Refer to the list of Brisbane and regional court locations.

Refer to the maps of courts and tribunals in the Brisbane inner city (PDF, 150.7 KB), South East Queensland (PDF, 3.4 MB) and Queensland (PDF, 4.3 MB).

Courts around Australia and in New Zealand

Court reporting guide

Refer to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council Court reporting guide for journalists (PDF, 1.9MB).

Sentencing in Queensland

Refer to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council guides to adult sentencing (PDF, 8.5 MB) and the juvenile sentencing in the state.

Jury process

View our videos to understand the selection and role of jurors in Queensland Courts.

Reporting on sexual violenceRefer to the Queensland Government Sexual violence media guideMagistrates Court Practice Direction 4 of 2023 (PDF, 731.7 KB) facilitates procedural consistency in the determination of applications for non-publication orders.

Reporting on domestic and family violence

Refer to the Queensland Government Domestic and family violence media guide.

Judicial members

For the Magistrates Court and Coroners Court, all judicial media enquiries should be directed to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General Media Unit (, +61 7 3738 9295)

For the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, District Court, Planning and Environment Court, Childrens Court of Queensland and Land Court, all judicial media enquiries should be directed to the Principal Information Officer (, +61 7 3738 7640)

This includes all requests for the respective Heads of Jurisdiction and individual judicial officers. Do not contact judicial chambers directly.

Refer to the naming convention for judicial officers (PDF, 212.0 KB)

Judges of the Supreme Court

Judges of the District Court

Judges of the Planning and Environment Court

Members of the Land Court

Magistrates of Queensland (including Coroners)

Court statistics

Statistics about Queensland Courts may be contained in a range of publications, the domestic and family violence data collection, or may require a specific data request (PDF, 1.0 MB).

Non-publication orders

Media representatives can verify the terms of non-publication orders related to court proceedings by emailing or

Media accreditation and the use of electronic devices in courtrooms

Refer to the practice directions of the following jurisdictions:

Supreme Court 2014/08 – Photography and electronic devices in court buildings    (PDF, 166.6 KB)

District Court 2014/10 – Electronic devices in courtrooms  (PDF, 229.3 KB)

Planning and Environment Court 2014/06 – Electronic devices in courtrooms  (PDF, 26.4 KB)

Land Court 2023/2 – Photography and electronic devices in court buildings  (PDF, 850.0 KB)

Magistrates Court 2014/01 – Photography and electronic devices in courtrooms (PDF, 534.4 KB)

Coroners Court 2021/01 – Electronic devices in courtrooms (PDF, 104.5 KB)

Access to exhibits

Media representatives can apply to Queensland Courts (using Form 1 (DOC, 25.5 KB)) to copy an exhibit for publication.

Recording and broadcasting judgment remarks

Refer to the arrangements and procedures for accredited media representatives to record and broadcast a court’s judgment remarks (PDF, 126.8 KB).

Accredited media representatives may apply to the court to record and broadcast judgment remarks by submitting the application form (PDF, 298.4 KB) to at least 48 hours prior to the court event.

Access to Courts Wi-Fi

To access the Courts Public Safety Network Guest (PSNG) Wi-Fi, in all Queensland Courts locations, accredited media representatives can create an account at the Self Service Portal, using your corporate email address. Refer to the terms and conditions of use.

Reporting from outside the QEII Courts of Law

Refer to the Supreme Court practice direction: 2014/17 - Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law Supreme Court, Brisbane accessways to remain clear


Refer to decisions of various Queensland courts and tribunals.

Media organisations are welcome to include a link to published decisions in print or online publications.

Queensland Courts annual reports

Refer to the various annual reports published by Queensland Courts.

Judicial articles and speeches by individual judges and magistrates

Other judicial publications are available through the Supreme Court Library Queensland.

Access to the Supreme Court Library Queensland

Media representatives can access resources of the Supreme Court Library Queensland online or on Level 12 of the QEII Courts of Law.