Court technology

Queensland courthouses provide a range of technology options for lawyers and litigants during court proceedings, including videoconferencing, Wi-Fi access and electronic trials.

For details about courtroom facilities, contact your courthouse registrar.

Electronic trials (eTrials)

In an eTrial, all documentary evidence is submitted as scanned images in fully text-searchable PDF documents. These documents are managed and viewed online throughout the trial while all other court processes proceed as usual.

Read more about electronic trials.

Wireless Internet access

The Queensland Courts Public Safety Network Guest (PSNG) Wi-Fi service is a free service for approved legal practitioners, media, individuals (such as self-represented litigants) and other court users who require a fast Internet connection in court.

The service is not available for use by the general public.

If you have a Wi-Fi account, it can be used wherever the Wi-Fi is available.

Where Wi-Fi is available

PSNG Wi-Fi is available in most places where courts and tribunals are held in Queensland.

If you intend to use the WI-FI, contact the court’s registrar to confirm availability.

You should also attend the relevant court ahead of time to check that the Wi-Fi works the way you expect it to.

How it works

The PSNG is a guest Wi-Fi service provided as part of the Public Safety Network. Free Internet is available to users and partners of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Queensland Corrective Services and Queensland Police.

Court users and partners can access high speed, high availability Internet when attending court.

A username and password is required to access the service.

You can’t use the PSNG Wi-Fi to securely connect/tunnel back to your corporate network. The service is restricted to http and https only.

How to apply

There are 3 ways to request access to the Queensland Courts PSNG Wi-Fi service.

  1. If your organisation is already approved for access you can create your Wi-Fi account using the Self Service Portal.
    Note: Email addresses for the Queensland Bar Association ( have been pre-approved).
  2. If your organisation has not been approved for access, you can send a registration request for your organisation to
    Once registration has been approved by the Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA), you and other members of your organisation can create your own Wi-Fi accounts (see 1 above).
  3. If you are a self-represented litigant or do not have a registered organisation email address, you can visit the registry counter and provide photographic identification (e.g. Driver’s license) and a legitimate reason for requesting access. Registry staff will then assess your request and if approved arrange for a temporary username and password. Access will be valid for the next 35 calendar days.

If you need to use the Wi-Fi service while in court you should attend the relevant court ahead of time to check that the Wi-Fi works the way you expect it to.

Note: Wi-Fi access is only provided to approved legal practitioners, media, individuals (such as self-represented litigants) and other court users while attending court. Registration of organisations is only accepted from members of organisations that have a valid email address (e.g. law firms, media groups or government departments). Free or ISP provided email addresses (e.g. Live, Hotmail, Bigpond, Gmail, etc.) will not be accepted as an organisation's address, but may be accepted for temporary access.

Technical support

The free Queensland Courts PSNG Wi-Fi service is provided ‘as-is’. The user is responsible for ensuring that laptops, tablets or other smart devices can connect to the service.

If you intend to use the Wi-Fi when court is sitting, you should attend the relevant courthouse ahead of time to test the service.

Technical support is not available. However, if you need further help, setup guides are available for some common operating systems.

Note: If you use Safari to access the internet on an Apple device, you must have private browsing turned off. You can’t access your own network via the PSNG Courts Wi-Fi Network.