Jury service


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Juries are an important part of our legal system. They’re made up of citizens from our community who are randomly selected from the electoral roll.

As a member of the community, you’ll bring a wealth of common sense, experience and insight to your role as a juror, while providing a great service to our society.

Most criminal cases heard in the Supreme Court and District Court take place in front of a jury. A jury usually consists of 12 people, chosen at random from a panel or prospective jurors.

The jury listens to the evidence and makes the most important decision about a court case: whether the person is guilty or not guilty (or, in civil cases, who is at fault).

They don’t have to decide on questions of law or what sentence a guilty person should receive.

Serving on a jury is an important public service that you will rarely be asked to do. So, if asked, you should do everything you can to take part.

Your participation in jury service should be a positive and unique experience, and will give you the opportunity to play a vital role in Queensland’s justice system.

Common questions about jury service

Learn more about juror wellness, eligibility and jury districts. We will dispel some myths about jury service.

Jury selection process

Understand how a jury is selected. Watch our video about jury selection.

Getting a jury service notice

Complete the questionnaire, apply for excusal and contact us if you lose the notice.

Being excused from jury service

You may be able to be excused from jury service and the application process, including partial and permanent excusal.

Information for employers

If you have an employee who has received a notice or summons for jury service, they may be required to attend court for a period and may not be available for work. Read about your rights and obligations as an employer.

Payment for jury service

You are paid an allowance for going to court each day or part-day. You’ll be paid more if you’re empanelled as a juror on a trial. Check the allowances you may be entitled to receive.

Getting a summons

What to do once you get a summons, when you have to attend court and what happens if you don’t attend.

Going to court (empanelment)

What happens during the jury selection process, and advice for going to court, including how to get there, what to bring and what will happen.

What happens on a jury?

What happens when you serve on a jury, including in the jury room, the role of the speaker, deciding on a verdict and when you can go home.

Videos and resources for jurors

Watch our video about jury processes and read some brochures about jury service and jury deliberations.