Jury service


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Juries are an important part of our legal system. They’re made up of citizens from our community who are randomly selected from the electoral roll.

As a member of the community, you’ll bring a wealth of common sense, experience and insight to your role as a juror, while providing a great service to our society.

Your participation in jury service should be a positive and unique experience. You’ll make important decisions in criminal or civil court cases: in criminal matters, you’ll decide if a person is guilty or not guilty; in civil matters, you’ll decide who is at fault.

Performing jury service will give you the opportunity to play a vital role in Queensland’s justice system.

This section provides a wealth of information on the jury service process in Queensland, from receiving a jury service notice and getting summonsed to going to court and sitting on a jury:

Juror safety

Juror safety is our priority. In consultation with Queensland Health, Queensland Courts have implemented measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to jurors.

About jury service

General information about jury service, including common questions, payments and allowances, and helpful videos and resources.

Getting a jury service notice

Completing the questionnaire, applying for excusal and contacting us if you are late or lose the notice.

Being excused from jury service

Reasons you may be able to be excused from jury service and the application process, including partial and permanent excusal.

Getting a summons

What to do once you get a summons, when you have to attend court and what happens if you don’t attend.

Going to court (empanelment)

What happens during the jury selection process, and advice for going to court, including how to get there, what to bring and what will happen.

What happens on a jury?

What happens when you serve on a jury, including in the jury room, the role of the speaker, deciding on a verdict and when you can go home.