Payment for jury service

You are paid an allowance for going to court each day or part-day. You’ll be paid more if you’re empanelled as a juror on a trial.

You also receive a meal allowance where lunch isn’t provided and an allowance for your travel to the courthouse.

Below are the allowances you may be entitled to receive.

Schedule of fees



Person summonsed for jury service but not a jury panel member (not empanelled)

Allowance for attending court for each day or part of a day


Juror or reserve juror

Remuneration for each day or part-day that a person serves as a juror or reserve juror on a trial


Additional remuneration for each day or part-day that a person serves as a juror or reserve juror on a trial (after the 20th weekday)


Daily allowance that a person serves as a juror or reserve juror on a trial that is adjourned for the full day or the person is not required to attend court (after the 20th weekday) *


Meal allowance if the jury is allowed to separate during lunch to obtain a meal


Meal allowance if the jury is allowed to separate for dinner to obtain a meal


*See Jury Regulation 2017 for details about the schedule of fees.

Travel allowance

You can claim public transport costs for the days you have to go to court. You will be reimbursed fares for bus, train or ferry.

The allowance can be claimed by submitting your daily return fare online after you have received a summons.

If public transport is not reasonably available or can’t be reasonably used, you can claim a private motor vehicle allowance.

Also, if you need to travel a reasonable distance to get to public transport, a kilometric allowance may be payable. Contact your local courthouse to claim this allowance.

Note: We do not reimburse or pay parking fees.

Contact the courthouse you’ll be attending to find out about parking facilities. You may find it easier to take public transport.

Getting paid

If you have provided your bank details online, you will receive payment by electronic funds transfer. If you do not provide your bank account details online, you will receive a cheque by post.

You can also print a statement of attendance online or contact your local court for a statement to be emailed or posted.

The attendance allowance is taxable and you should declare it:

  • on your tax return if it’s not refunded to an employer
  • to Centrelink if you’re unemployed.

This doesn’t apply to the lunch allowance or travel reimbursement.

The court doesn’t reimburse costs associated with any arrangements you make to be available for jury service, such as childcare.

Your employer

The allowance you receive while performing jury service may not equal the income that you receive from your current employer.

However, you are generally still paid your normal wage by your employer while you attend jury service. (Check the industrial award you were employed under.) In this case, you should give the jury service allowance to your employer.

Depending on your arrangements with your employer and the award you work under, you should provide a copy of your remittance advice or your statement of attendance to your employer.