Representing yourself

You don’t have to have a lawyer when you go to court. You can represent yourself in any of Queensland’s courts.

This website is designed to help you (‘a self-represented litigant’) navigate the courts system. However, you shouldn’t take the information on this website as legal advice and you may wish to consult with a lawyer about complex legal matters.

Below are links to assistance, support and information about representing yourself in court.

COVID-19 response

Stay informed about how Queensland Courts are managing court attendance during the COVID-19 response

Alternative dispute resolution

Options for resolving your dispute without going through the court process

Legal advice

Where to get legal advice about your case

General procedural advice

Where to get general assistance and support about court procedures

Resources and tools

Information and tools you may need, such as forms, fees, file search facilities and legislation

Information for lawyers

Resources that lawyers use in their work that you might find useful in preparing your case

Useful links

Links to other Australian courts, government agencies and general information

Contacts for volunteers and advice

Contact details for legal and procedural advice, and the Court Volunteer Network

Support for victims of crime

Support services and financial assistance that may be available for victims of crime

Requesting information for legal proceedings

How to request documents or items to be used in a legal proceeding

Efficient conduct of civil litigation

Information and resources to assist parties to a Supreme Court civil claim to conduct the claim quickly and efficiently and ensure that a mediation or trial proceeds at minimum cost and is well organised.

Court security information report

How to report potential risks, threats or harm to people or property in Queensland court buildings

Courthouse contacts and locations