Going to court

Queensland Courts COVID-19 response

Below you’ll find information and instructions on common tasks you may need to perform in the courts, including the relevant court.

Alternative dispute resolution

Dispute resolution options available to you as an alternative to going to court

Domestic and family violence

Domestic violence orders (DVOs), having DVOs made against you and how to get support if you’re experiencing domestic violence

Courtroom etiquette

Conduct and protocol in the courtroom for defendants, witnesses, jurors and the public watching from the gallery

Plead guilty online

Criteria and instructions for using our online form to plead guilty to a minor offence

Applying for bail

How to apply, what the court considers, possible conditions and bail breaches

Money disputes

Applying for a judgment in a money dispute and, where needed, enforcing the judgment

Children going to court

Information and support for children going to court in Queensland

Representing yourself

Links to assistance, support and information about representing yourself in court

Settlement conferences

How settlement conferences work, how to request one and possible outcomes, including agreement on the issues to be determined at trial

Appealing a decision

Links to the processes for appealing various decisions in Queensland’s courts and tribunals

Applying for protection

Applying for an order to protect your rights to peace and quiet, undisturbed by threats to your wellbeing or quality of life