Judges' Associates

The role of an Associate to a District Court or Supreme Court Judge

The role of a Judge’s Associate is unique and involves a close working relationship between the Judge and the Associate.

The Associate is a personal and confidential aide to the Judge, in and out of court, in connection with all the Judge’s concerns.

An Associate must understand, and have the personality and skill to deal with, the demands and restrictions that are particular to judicial life.

Some of the main duties of an Associate include:

  • conducting legal research
  • liaising with court staff, the legal profession, government departments, the press and the public
  • ensuring the effective and efficient conduct of the Judge’s court, including arraignments, jury empanelling and taking of verdicts in criminal trials, listing matters, custody of court files and recording orders
  • travelling with the Judge on circuit and other court business.

A position as an associate is a rare opportunity to gain insight into the court processes behind the scenes. It is an invaluable experience, particularly for those interested in litigation or a career as a barrister.

Associates are generally appointed for one year. You are encouraged to apply if you will have completed a law degree by the time you would be due to commence as an Associate.

Applying for the position of Judge’s Associate

Applications for the position of Associate to a Supreme Court or District Court judge commencing in 2025 open on Monday, 4 December 2023 and will close on Friday, 26 January 2024 at 5:00pm. Read more about submitting an application.

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