Court security information report

Court Services Queensland depends on information to understand the nature of threats to the justice process and to be informed on other matters of security concern at the courts.

By identifying those who may intend to do harm or disrupt court proceedings, and assessing their capability to do so, we can measure the risks posed. Similarly, pro-active reporting of security concerns provides visibility and enables the concerns to be assessed and actioned where appropriate.

We encourage lawyers, government agencies, volunteer and support groups and court staff to use the Court security information report to advise Queensland Courts if you:

  • become aware of court security concerns, risks or threats
  • are seeking additional security measures for court matters in line with relevant practice directions.
  • Identify potentially suspicious activity.

If an immediate security threat exists please notify the court Registrar, Police or Court Security directly and without delay.

No matter how insignificant or small you believe the risk to be, your report may be a critical piece of information. Please trust your instincts and report it.

When the form is complete click “Submit” to generate an email with your completed attached and send to

All court users, including legal practitioners, are encouraged to reinforce safe distancing practices during the COVID-19 response and report any concerns to the registrar or to security.