Search civil files (eCourts)

The Supreme and District Courts offer party search facilities to litigants online, known as eCourts.

A document list is also available for each file via the party search results. For example, if you search for the file number, a link to the document list will display on the search results screen.

Below you’ll find the link to the search facility, instructions on using the application and an application form to search and copy certain documents used in civil and criminal cases.

Party search (eCourts)

Use the party search to find file details based on the party name, file number and other criteria

Important note

The Party search application is currently experiencing an error with the date range drop-down calendars. Please enter the relevant dates by typing directly in the boxes provided. The date format is dd/mm/yyyy e.g. 12/06/2016.

Guide to searching

Read the instructions for using the search application

Available files

Find out when the available files data was last updated and how far back the records go for each registry

Search and copy court documents

Apply to search and copy documents held in the Supreme and District Courts or Brisbane Magistrates Court