Search for a court file

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Below are options for searching for files and documents used in the various Queensland Courts. See the instructions for details of what you can access in each court.

Search civil files (eCourts)

Use the Supreme and District Courts’ eCourts party search facility to find file details based on the party name, file number and other criteria. Also find instructions on using the application and a list of the files currently available.

Search and copy court documents

Apply to search and copy certain documents used in civil and criminal cases in the Supreme and District Courts, or Brisbane Magistrates Court.

To search or copy Magistrates Court records held outside the Brisbane CBD, contact the relevant Magistrates Court registry.

Search and copy Court of Appeal documents

Apply to search and copy Court of Appeal documents and exhibits.

Search and copy Land Court documents

Apply to search and copy certain documents used in Land Court and Land Appeal Court proceedings.

Access Planning and Environment Court documents

Access, download and print documents for active P and E Court matters originating in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Maroochydore and Southport.

Access coronial investigation documents

Access documents created during the coronial investigation, including police reports, witness statements, photographs, expert reports, autopsy reports, toxicology certificates and findings.