Queensland Industrial Relations Commission

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission is an independent tribunal.  It is a court of record whose powers and functions derive from Chapter 11, Part 2 of the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

The Commission plays a major role in contributing to the social and economic well-being of people throughout Queensland through furthering the objects of the legislation, which is principally to provide a framework for industrial relations that is fair and balanced and supports the delivery of high-quality services, economic prosperity and social justice for Queenslanders.

The Commission is headed by the President, who is also the President of the Industrial Court of Queensland.  The Commission is comprised of the Vice President, Deputy President and six Industrial Commissioners.

The Commission hears matters throughout Queensland, and has powers and functions under various enactments covering jurisdiction regarding (but not limited to) the following:

  • wage recovery;
  • industrial disputes involving state and local government employees;
  • unfair dismissals and reinstatement applications for state and local government employees;
  • awards and agreements;
  • workers' compensation appeals';
  • work-related anti-discrimination referrals and complaints;
  • public service appeals;
  • trading hours;
  • work, health and safety disputes and reviews;
  • long service leave payment applications; and
  • other matters prescribed under various acts.

For more information see the Industrial Court of Queensland and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission website.