Judicial education - Domestic and family violence

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Since 2016-17, professional development opportunities have been arranged for Queensland Magistrates on domestic and family violence related topics. Magistrates presiding over domestic and family violence lists attend a dedicated two-day annual Domestic and Family Violence Conference.

In addition, domestic and family violence related sessions are scheduled for the Magistrates Annual State and Regional Conferences. In 2018, the National Judicial College of Australia delivered “Family Violence in the Court” training to 50 Queensland Magistrates, as part of a national roll out of training, providing judicial officers with specialist training about the nature and dynamics of family violence and how these should be taken into account in matters involving family violence.

The conferences are supplemented by lunch time seminars offered to all Queensland Magistrates. Previous topics, presented by leading experts including Australian and international academics and a visiting US judicial officer, have included: strangulation forensics; domestic and family violence, mental health and well-being and legal engagement; domestic and family violence and children; therapeutic jurisprudence and domestic and family violence cases; domestic and family violence for refugee and immigrant women; the Domestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board annual report; strangulation prevention training; domestic violence intervention programs; and disability and domestic and family violence.

Relevant material is continually provided to Magistrates via the Judicial Virtual Library including domestic and family violence related webinars, research reports, discussion papers and conference materials. The Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book (PDF, 4.6 MB) is updated regularly and provided to Magistrates.

The Chief Magistrate produces a regular Newsletter for Magistrates containing domestic and family violence research and reports and case law and legislation updates. Past issues of the Chief Magistrate’s Domestic and Family Violence Newsletter can be accessed below:

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