Court programs

Queensland Courts delivers various programs and diversionary initiatives that aim to change behaviours and treat the influences of offending behaviour.

These programs and initiatives address the underlying causes of offending behaviour by linking defendants with vital health, cultural and social services.

Below you’ll find details about each program, including how it works and who is eligible.

Community Justice Group Program

A program supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims and offenders in the criminal justice system

Court Link

A bail-based program helping people get the support and treatment they need to address the underlying causes of offending

Drug and Alcohol Assessment Referral

A course helping defendants who identify drug and/or alcohol use as a contributing factor in their offending behaviour

Illicit Drug Court Diversion Program

A program addressing defendants’ drug use in its early stages and reducing drug-related offending

Queensland Integrated Court Referrals

A court process helping defendants access treatment and support services through short-term, bail-based referrals

Queensland Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment

A voluntary, bail-based diversion program for defendants charged with an offence relating to illicit drug use

Remote Justices of the Peace Program

A program helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples overcome disadvantages they may face when dealing with the criminal justice system as the victim of a criminal act, an accused person or in another role