Planning and Environment Court fees

From 1 July 2022 fees are stated in fee regulations as fee units and not in dollars.

As at 1 July 2023, the value of a fee unit for court fees is $1.060 (see s2 of the Acts Interpretation (Fee Unit) Regulation 2022 and s48B of the Acts Interpretation Act 1954). Please note the rounding rules that apply under s48C of the Acts Interpretation Act 1954.

See the Uniform Civil Procedure (Fees) Regulation 2019, Schedule 3, for details of the fee units and rounding rules.

To assist parties the fees applicable to the Planning and Environment Court are listed below at the relevant dollar ($) amount. These fees take into account the fee unit and any necessary rounding.

Task Fee ($)

Filing a notice of appeal—


(a) if there is only 1 party initiating the appeal and the party is an individual, or if there is more than 1 party initiating the appeal and they are all individuals


(b) otherwise


Filing an originating application—Planning and Environment Court Rules 2010, rule 6—


(a) if there is only 1 applicant and the applicant is an individual, or if there is more than 1 applicant and all the applicants are individuals


(b) otherwise


Issuing a certificate on a final judgment, order, finding or decision


Filing a document (the first document), other than any subsequent document relating to the first document, for which no other fee is provided


Issuing a copy of a record of the court, a document or exhibit filed in the registry or reasons for judgment—


(a) first copy—each page


(b) maximum fee for first copy


(c) additional copy—each page


(d) maximum fee for additional copy


Opening or keeping open the registry after hours


Searching the record in an appeal or other proceeding—for each name or file


Attending a view—


(a) for each hour or part of an hour


(b) but not more than, for each day


Making an appointment for assessment of a costs statement


Assessing a costs statement—for each $100 or part of $100 allowed