Below are links to the various fees payable for applications and processes in Queensland's courts.

All fees are subject to change without notice. See our notes on regulated fees.

Fees in the courts

Fees for the various courts - Supreme Court, District Court, Planning and Environment Court, Land Court, Magistrates Court and Coroners Court

Courtroom venue fees

The Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts have a range of rooms and resources for hire.

Offender levy

The offender levy is an administrative fee to help pay for law enforcement and administration costs.

Transcripts and recordings fees

Fees for copies of a record of a legal proceeding in print or electronic form

Reduction of civil court fees

When you can apply to request that the registrar reduce certain civil fees

Refund of setting down and hearing fees

When you can request a 75% refund of a setting down or hearing fee paid in the Supreme or District Court registry

Regulated fees

A list of recent or relevant changes to fees or related legislation