Magistrates Court online Application for a Court Event

In Queensland, you must attend court on the date set by the court. From 8 July 2020, for the adult criminal jurisdiction, a lawyer can use the Online Application for a Court Event form to ask for an adjournment, to bring a matter forward and/or to seek a direction from the court. From 29 January 2021, a lawyer can also use this form in the Childrens Court criminal jurisdiction.

When you can apply online

Where a criminal matter has a current listing date, a lawyer or prosecuting agency may apply online for a court event, where the consent of the other party has been obtained, using the form at Online Application for a Court Event (Magistrates Courts) for an order seeking:

  1. sentence date (including a short plea, lengthy plea or contested sentence)
  2. an adjournment other than of a hearing
  3. a date for a hearing of an application (including a bail application or a directions hearing)
  4. a direction by the Court (including a direction for the provision of a brief of evidence)
  5. a change of court location, for a plea of guilty only

You need to apply at least two clear business days before the current listed date. Refer Practice Direction 7 of 2020 (PDF, 133.2 KB) and Childrens Court Practice Direction 1 of 2021. (PDF, 51.0 KB)

When you can’t apply online

You can’t apply online if:

  • if you are self-represented
  • the matter is not a criminal matter
  • you are seeking an order for a pre-sentence report in the Childrens Court.

If you don’t meet the requirements for applying online, you can email the relevant registry.

Deadline for applying online

You need to apply no later than 4pm two clear days before the date set by the court.

Consent to apply

Before you apply, you must obtain the consent of the other party—either prosecution or defence—for the new date.

How to apply online

Complete all mandatory fields in the Online Application for a Court Event (Magistrates Courts).

Provide supporting documentation if possible.

You will experience performance issues with Internet Explorer - please use another browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

What happens next

A magistrate will consider your application and decide whether to grant the orders sought.

You will be notified electronically of the magistrate’s decision. If your application is refused, you must attend court on the date that was originally set.

If you do not receive a response, you must attend court on the date originally set.

Requirement to appear

Subject to Practice Direction 5 of 2020 – COVID-19 Court Arrangements (PDF, 99.2 KB) and Practice Direction 6 of 2020 - Childrens Court (Magistrates Court) COVID-19 Court Arrangements (PDF, 93.5 KB), parties are required to appear in court unless ordered otherwise.

If your application for an adjournment is refused and you fail to appear on the set date, the magistrate will make an order. This could result in a warrant being issued for the defendant’s arrest.