Queensland Courts

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Below is a list of Queensland Courts services that you can perform online. Click the service’s link to find out if you’re eligible to use that online service.

Appeal the Valuer-General’s decision on objection

Apply to the Land Court to appeal a decision on objection made by the Valuer-General about the site value or unimproved value of your land.

Apply for a domestic and family violence (DFV) protection order

Apply for a domestic and family violence (DFV) protection order which combines three forms and an information guide, in to one form with help text and definitions of legal terms.

Apply for a rehearing or reopening for criminal matters

Apply to have your case reheard or reopened if the case was considered in your absence or you believe the result is based on an error.

Apply online for court listings in Brisbane Supreme and District Courts

Practitioners can make online Applications to list hearings in the Brisbane Supreme and District Courts (criminal jurisdiction)

Online Application for a Court Event (Magistrates Courts)

Apply online to ask for an adjournment, to bring a matter forward and/or to seek a direction from the court.

Apply for an enforcement hearing

Apply for an enforcement hearing to summon the enforcement debtor to appear in the Magistrates Court to answer questions about their financial position.

Apply to change a domestic violence order

Use this form if you are an aggrieved, respondent, applicant or a named person (e.g. relative or associate named in an order), to apply to make a change to a current domestic violence order.

Apply to issue a subpoena

Apply online to issue a subpoena if you are submitting a request relating to criminal proceedings before the Queensland Supreme or District Court and are a party to the proceeding.

Bailiff service and execution fees

Use our online service to find allowable fees for the service or execution of civil documents in the Magistrates Court.

Book a meeting with registry staff

Apply online for a 30-minute meeting with registry staff if you’re representing yourself in a Brisbane Supreme, District or Land Court matter and need help with court procedures.

Complete a claim and statement of claim

Complete a civil claim and statement of claim online, for filing in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts, to start a court action to recover money owed to you.

Complete an enforcement officer report

Use this form to recover fees and expenses incurred in the execution, or attempted execution, of an enforcement warrant in Queensland.

Contact us with questions or feedback

Use one of our online forms to ask us queries, or provide feedback about the website or our facilities.

Criminal Case Lookup

If you are a party to a Criminal case being heard in the Supreme, District or Magistrates Courts in Queensland, the Criminal Case lookup will allow you to find information about your upcoming court events, excluding appeal matters to the District & Supreme Courts.

Electronic lodgement of Applications for Grant of Probate and Letters of AdministrationLegal practitioners can now go online to lodge Applications for Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration.

Electronic lodgement of civil documents

Lodge Magistrates Court civil claims, statements of claim, requests for default judgment and affidavit forms online in all Magistrates Courts throughout the state.

Nominate a mover for your admission

Apply online to nominate a legal practitioner to move your application at the admissions ceremony if you’re applying to be admitted to the legal profession in Queensland.

Plead guilty

Plead guilty online if you’ve received a complaint and summons or notice to appear from a Queensland police officer in Queensland and need to appear in a Queensland Magistrates Court in relation to a minor offence.

Prospective juror questionnaire

Complete this form online if you have received a ‘Notice to prospective juror’ letter in the mail.

Registry committals

Apply for a registry committal if a person charged with a serious or indictable offence is being committed from the Magistrates Court to Supreme or District Court for sentencing or trial.

Request a courtroom booking

Request a quote to hire a room or resource in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts if you’re an eligible organisation that delivers court-related services.

Search and copy court documents

Apply online to search and copy certain documents used in civil and criminal cases.

Search and copy Court of Appeal documents

Apply online to search and copy Court of Appeal documents and exhibits.

Search civil files (eCourts)

An online search facility for civil litigant of the Supreme and District Courts

Statement of financial position

Complete this form to disclose your financial position if you owe money to a creditor.

Claiming government undertaking services

Online form used by government-contracted funeral directors (who hold standing offer arrangements) to claim for conveyancing, burial and cremation services.