Enforcement officer report

If you are an enforcement officer (i.e. the sheriff, a deputy sheriff or a bailiff of the court) for matters in the Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts, you can use this online form to recover fees and expenses incurred in executing or attempting to execute an enforcement warrant in Queensland.

As an enforcement officer, you must complete a report and submit it to the relevant Queensland court registry. This report tells the court registrar what action you’ve taken and what expenses you’ve incurred.

This helps the registrar calculate the distribution of payments relating to the recovery of a debt.

Expenses involved in the execution of an enforcement warrant can include:

  • seizure expenses, e.g. tow truck or removalist fees
  • storage
  • advertising and auction expenses
  • the enforcement officer’s fees and expenses, e.g. telephone, travel and time.

For more information on fees and expenses that are claimable, see Schedule 2 of the Uniform Civil Procedure (Fees) Regulation 2009.

If you meet the criteria below, complete your enforcement officer report.

When to use this form

Use this form if you’re an enforcement officer working on matters in the Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts.

You can use this online form to complete your financial report in relation to an enforcement hearing warrant or seizure and sale of property (unexecuted).

For other types of enforcement actions, including the seizure and sale of property (executed), complete your report manually and submit it to the relevant Court.

How to complete your report

To complete this form you will need:

  • the file number
  • the names and current contact details of the parties (i.e. the enforcement creditor and the enforcement debtor)
  • details of the enforcement action taken (e.g. execution or attempted execution of a warrant)
  • details of the expenses being claimed
  • your ABN, if you have one
  • an electronic copy of the warrant to upload with your report.

You will also need to forward the original warrant to the court registry within 7 days of submitting this form.

Fees and expenses you can claim

Fees and expenses you can claim include:

  • the enforcement fee to serve or execute the warrant (or attempt to)— find this fee on the warrant
  • additional travel in excess of kilometres already included in the enforcement fee
  • additional time over 1 hour that you spent in enforcement activities (or attempts).

This form will automatically total your claim amount. The registrar will determine any amount owed to you.

What happens next

When you submit this form, the relevant court registry will automatically receive it. The registrar will then use the information you provide to calculate the distribution of payments, including any amount owed to you.

Contact the relevant Court with further queries.