Brisbane Supreme and District Courts online application for a court listing

Where an adult criminal matter has a current listing and all parties are legally represented, they may apply online for the adjournment of a scheduled listing, or for orders seeking a listing for:

  • trial
  • sentence
  • breach hearing
  • pre-trial application
  • pre-recording of evidence
  • review/mention
  • arraignment
  • directions.

Before applying, practitioners must obtain the consent of the other party or parties.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the relevant criminal list manager.

Deadline for applying online

You need to apply no later than 1.00pm on the last business day before the current listing.

How to apply online

Complete all mandatory fields in the online application and provide supporting documentation, if required.

Download information for practitioners here.

If you are not using the online portal but are required to provide information for allocation for trial dates or sentencing dates you can complete these forms below:

Form 1 - information for allocation of trial dates (PDF, 108.0 KB)

Form 2 -  Information for allocation of sentence dates   (PDF, 156.0 KB)

When you cannot apply online

You cannot apply online if:

  • You (or any other party) are self-represented
  • the matter is in the Childrens Court of Queensland
  • filing after 1.00pm on the last business day before the current listing
  • you want the matter adjourned to a different courthouse.

If you do not meet the requirements for applying online, email the relevant registry.

What happens next?

The relevant criminal list manager (and, where necessary, the criminal list judge) will consider your application and decide whether to grant the listing sought.

You will be notified electronically of the decision. If your application is refused or if you do not receive a response from the Registry, the current listing will remain unaltered and you must therefore appear in accordance with that listing.