Electronic lodgement (eLodgement)

eLodgement is a service that allows court users to lodge Magistrates Court civil claim, statement of claim, request for default judgment, default judgment, affidavit, application in a proceeding and enforcement hearing summons forms online.

The service is available in all Magistrates Courts in Queensland.

Legal firms and any other organisation approved under a practice direction by the Chief Magistrate may use the eLodgement service.

Using eLodgement

eLodgement allows you to:

  • lodge documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (with documents transferred to the Magistrates Court 7am to 11pm weekdays, including public holidays)
  • track documents online, with instant feedback about whether a document has been filed or rejected, or is pending
  • save time by reducing the need to attend the court registry
  • enter details once only (as they are reproduced automatically throughout the lodgement process)
  • access lodgement information remotely over the internet (with no extra software required)
  • automatically calculate fees and transaction costs
  • take advantage of flexible billing options
  • access support over the phone or email.

eLodgement services in the Queensland Courts are supplied by CITEC Confirm.

Documents you can lodge

You can lodge these Magistrates Court documents electronically:

Documents lodged via eLodgements do not require signatures as, under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999, documents that are filed electronically don’t require a signature.


The system uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to safeguard information. SSL technology encrypts all personal information so that it can’t be read as it travels over the internet.

Personal information and credit card details are not stored on any Internet-accessible machine.


You need only an active Internet connection and a web browser to access the eLodgement system. There is no special software.

Accessing the service

To access eLodgement, contact CITEC Confirm to obtain a login.

If your organisations requires the Chief Magistrate’s approval, CITEC Confirm will apply to the Chief Magistrate on behalf of your organisation.

Upon approval, the Chief Magistrate will publish a practice direction naming the organisation as an approved entity.

Note: It may take up to six weeks for approval to use eLodgement.


The Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 may assist you. Rules 975A–975I deal specifically with electronic documents.

Practice directions

The following practice directions may also assist you: