Magistrates Court form

Conditions of use

  • This form can be used if you are a prosecutor or a legal representative for a defendant currently listed for either a mention, bail application or sentence in any Magistrates Court or Childrens Court in Queensland.
  • This form can only be used where the matter already has a listing date. This form cannot be used to adjourn the first return date on a Notice to Appear (NTA) .
  • The submitting party must ensure consent from the opposing party is obtained for what is sought in this application.
  • This form must be submitted no later than 4pm, two business days before the current date set for the court return.
  • If your application is granted the parties will be notified by email of the new court date before the current date set for return.
  • If the application is refused, the parties will be notified by email and the parties in the matter will have to attend court on the date that was originally set.
  • If the parties receive no response from the court to your application, the parties will have to attend court on the current date set and comply with any directions or orders made.
  • For Childrens Court criminal matters a copy of this form will be sent to the relevant Youth Justice Service Centre.
  • You will experience performance issues with Internet Explorer - please use another browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

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