Industrial Court

The Industrial Court of Queensland is a superior court of record, established under the Industrial Relations Act 2016. The Court hears appeals on error of law and lack of jurisdiction, against decisions of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (Commission), Industrial Registrar or Industrial Magistrates.

The Court is constituted by the President, Vice President or Deputy President (Court) sitting alone.  The President of the Court is also the President of the Commission.  The President may preside on a Full Bench of the Commission and, for certain matters, the Full Bench must include the President.

An appeal against a decision of the Court may be made to the Queensland Court of Appeal.  An appeal against a decision of a Full Bench, which included the President, also lies with the Court of Appeal.

The Court is the final appeal court for claims in relation to unpaid wages and prosecutions under the Industrial Relations Act 2016 where the penalty does not exceed 40 penalty units.  The Court is also the final appeal court for prosecutions under the:

  • Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999
  • Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
  • Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999.

For more information see the Industrial Court of Queensland and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission website.