Mental Health Court

The Mental Health Court decides the state of mind of people charged with criminal offences.

The court decides whether an alleged offender was of unsound mind when they committed an offence and whether they are fit for trial.

The court also hears appeals from the Mental Health Review Tribunal and inquiries into the lawfulness of a patient’s detention in authorised mental health facilities.

The Mental Health Court hears matters in Brisbane and also conducts hearings via videoconferencing.

About the Mental Health Court

How the court is constituted, how criminal cases are referred and the powers of the Mental Health Court, including orders, inquiries and investigations.

Decisions - Mental Health Court

Read recent Mental Health Court decisions on the Supreme Court Library Queensland website

Landmark decisions

List and links to landmark decisions of the Mental Health Court

Hearings in the court

What happens in hearings, types of court orders, making a statement for the court and decisions the court may make

Reviews by the tribunal

How the Mental Health Review Tribunal reviews forensic patients, what they consider, the extent of their powers and what help is available for the victims of crime

Appealing a tribunal decision

How to start an appeal in the Mental Health Court, who can appeal, who can appear at the proceedings and what the court can decide

Forms - Mental Health Act 2016

Mental Health Court 2016 forms

Practice directions - Mental Health Court

Practice directions for the Mental Health Court

Contacts - Mental Health Court

Contacts for the Mental Health Court