Hearings in the court

A criminal case is referred to the Mental Health Court if it’s believed that the alleged offender is or was mentally ill, or has an intellectual disability.

Once the case is referred, a hearing date is set for the court. The Mental Health Court hears matters in Brisbane and also conducts hearings via videoconferencing.

This section provides information about hearings, types of court orders and decisions the court could make.

What happens in a hearing

What the court considers, what decisions they can make, whether you can attend a hearing and when you can be notified about hearings

Types of court orders

How and when the court makes examination, forensic, non-contact and confidentiality orders

Making a statement to the court

What to include in a statement to the Mental Health Court, who sees your statement and how to submit it to the court

Court decisions

What the court will need to decide and what happens to the defendant as a result

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