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Domestic and family violence is not okay.

  • If you need urgent help, call the police on 000.
  • If you need housing in a women’s refuge, call 1800 811 811.
  • Find other support services.

Domestic and family violence is not part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. All of us, including our children, families and partners should be safe, protected and free from fear.

Domestic and family violence is not okay and can happen in many ways.

It is abusive behaviour that often happens over a period of time and may involve fear and control.

Domestic and family violence can include:

  • Punching, hitting, strangling, or choking.
  • Sexual abuse/assault.
  • Damage to your property.
  • Following you, threats, or constant calls or texts.
  • Insulting you in public or private.
  • Making you do things you’re not okay with.
  • Stopping you from contacting your family or friends.

You and your children have the right to live free from violence. You are not alone.

If you’re experiencing domestic and family violence, there is help available. This can include support with the children or finding somewhere safe to live.

If you’re going to court, there’s support available to help you understand the court process and get the best possible outcome for you, your family and your safety.

To find out more about what is domestic and family violence, watch the video:

Domestic violence orders

Domestic Violence Orders can help to protect your safety and help stop the violence.

Going to court

It is important you have the support you need when you go to court.

If someone says you’ve used domestic violence

It’s important you have the support and information you need to understand the process.


We have produced a range of resources to help you have the information you need. Reach out