Domestic violence orders

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Domestic and family violence is not okay.

  • If you need urgent help, call the police on 000.
  • If you need housing in a women’s refuge, call 1800 811 811.
  • Find other support services.

Domestic violence orders can help to protect the safety of all members of our community and help to stop the violence.

An order is made by a magistrate in a court and helps to protect people in domestic and family violence situations.  A magistrate can make an order quickly if you need urgent protection.

You can:

  • Get help

Police, someone from the court or someone from a domestic and family violence service or a lawyer may be able to help you.

  • Ask

Ask a friend of family member for support. You can also ask them to apply for an order for you.

  • Apply

Apply to the court yourself for an order.

The Police may issue a Police Protection Notice which can provide temporary protection to you and other friends of relatives at risk of violence before the application goes to court.

The person who has used violence will be given a copy of the application.

They must follow all the rules on a domestic violence order or Police Protection Notice.

These rules make the person who has used violence stop so they can’t hurt you anymore.

If they break the rules, the Police can charge them with a criminal offence. Family and friends can support them to follow the rules.

Reach out for help

Domestic and family violence is not okay.

Going to court

It is important you have the support you need when you go to court.

If someone says you’ve used domestic violence

It’s important you have the support and information you need to understand the process.


We have produced a range of resources to help you have the information you need.Reach out