Reserved judgments policy

This is the policy of the Land Court for reserved judgments and explains how a party or their representative can enquire about the progress of the judgment.

  1. Members of the Land Court endeavour to deliver judgments within three months of the judgment being reserved.
  2. Judgments are reserved on the final day of hearing, unless a party is granted leave to provide written submissions, in which case it will be reserved upon receipt of the last of the parties’ written submissions.
  3. If, after the hearing ends, a Member requests further written submissions from a party, the reserve date is not affected.
  4. If, at the time of reserving a decision, the Member is aware that the judgment will not be delivered within the three month period, the Member should advise the parties of the likely date of delivery.
  5. The President monitors progress of all reserved judgments.
  6. At the end of the 3 month period, any party or their representative is entitled to enquire about the progress of a reserved judgment by letter or email addressed to the Registrar.  The Registrar will raise the enquiry with the President without revealing the identity of the person making the enquiry.
  7. The President will provide a written response through the Registrar, after consultation with the relevant Member.
  8. Provided the proceedings are public, any interested person, whether a party or not, may obtain information as to the status of a reserved judgment from the Registrar or the President (such as the date when the judgment was reserved and the identity of the Member).