Information and resources for going to court

This section provides guidelines and procedural directions for the general management of cases in the Land Court of Queensland.

Practice directions - Land Court

Practice directions are procedural requirements issued by the President of the Land Court.

The Practice directions are designed to complement existing legislation, rules and regulations and may refer to issues including the use of the court precinct, appearances by practitioners and parties, and case management.

Model directions

The Model directions document sets out the preferred format for the case management directions made by the President or a Member of the Land Court at directions hearings or reviews. It includes directions for most pre-hearing steps, including issue identification, disclosure, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and expert evidence procedures. A glossary of terms is included to assist those unfamiliar with court procedures.

Expert Evidence in the Land Court

Expert witnesses have an important role to play in assisting the Court. Many cases involve issues of a specialist or technical nature, including mining objection hearings (MOH), compensation claims for resumption of land or for the impact of mining and other resource activities on land, and appeals against land valuations.

The Court looks to expert witnesses for an objective and impartial opinion, drawing on their knowledge and experience. The Court expects expert witnesses to be independent and well informed, and to observe the limits of their expertise.

Practice Direction 6 of 2020 contains the procedures, explains the duties and outlines the Court’s expectations of expert witnesses.