Requesting an adjournment of a review

The ADR Registrar has the power to adjourn ‘on the papers’ appeals listed for review and filed in the Brisbane registry.

Adjournments in registries outside Brisbane must be organised with the local registrar.

Review days are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The ADR Registrar can’t adjourn matters listed for pre-callover or callover review.

Matters can be adjourned ‘on the papers’ no more than three times following the last court appearance.

Rules 13 and 14 of practice direction 2/2014 set out how to apply and what information is required.

Note: The cut-off time for receipt of an application is 4pm on the day before it’s listed. If we receive your request later than this, it may not be dealt with as the ADR Registrar may be absent from the office.

Where possible, the ADR Registrar processes requests made after 4pm, but no later than 4.30pm.

Request pro forma

Following is the recommended pro forma to request an adjournment.

Where possible, include all the information in the body of the email, rather than an attachment.

If your request is granted, the ADR Registrar or List Manager will confirm the adjournment by email.

Pro forma




the Representative of each Active Party

File number:


Name of active parties:


Reason for the request:


Whether the review is a pre-callover review or not:


The number of times, since the last appearance before the court, the review date has been adjourned on the papers by the ADR Registrar:


If the request is communicated by a party on behalf of the active parties, it must:

  • state that all active parties join in the request; and
  • include a copy of written evidence of the consent of all other active parties.