Seeking a consent order from ADR Registrar

Practice direction 1 of 2020 (PDF, 108.7 KB) allows the ADR Registrar to make consent orders in limited circumstances.

The ADR Registrar’s ability to make a consent order doesn’t include the ability to make a ‘final order’ that finalises the appeal or originating application.

To request a consent order, email the ADR Registrar at or

The consent order should state that it is a ‘CONSENT ORDER’ and, preferably, be signed by all parties. If a party doesn’t sign the order, include their endorsement of the order with the email request. The ADR Registrar will indicate on the order that the party’s endorsement has been sighted.

Once the ADR Registrar makes the order, a signed and sealed copy will be emailed to the parties.

Send your request for a consent order as early as possible, as the ADR Registrar may be conducting conferences and unable to endorse the order immediately.