Requesting an appearance by phone

Planning and Environment Court – Appearances other than in person at Reviews/Applications

Parties and practitioners are advised that the Planning and Environment Court has released additional guidance in relation to appearances other than in person at the hearing of an application or review. Read more>>

The Planning and Environment Court (P and E Court) may allow out-of-town lawyers, agents and parties to appear at reviews by phone.

Appearance by phone in Brisbane

If you need to appear by phone, contact the Associate of the presiding judge no later than 12pm the day before the review so appropriate bookings can be made. The associate will give you the details on how to call into the court.

Ideally, you should make your request by email.

Unless the Associate gives you different instructions, on the day of the review:

  1. Call 1800 173 224 to connect to the teleconference for the Planning and Environment Court five minutes before the start time specified in the Daily Law list.
  2. Listen to a recorded voice welcome you and prompt you to enter the PIN provided by the Associate. Enter the number followed by the hash (#) key.
  3. Wait for the recorded voice to advise that your PIN has been confirmed and connect you to the conference. You’ll hear music until the bailiff calls in from the courtroom.
  4. Wait for the judge enter the courtroom and call the list. The judge is likely to call matters involving phone appearances first.
  5. Announce your appearance when your matter is called.
  6. To help reduce background noise in the court, until your matter is called, place your phone on mute, not hold.

See the contact details for each associate of the P and E Court judges in Brisbane.

Appearance by phone in courts outside Brisbane

For appearances by phone at registries outside of Brisbane, contact the registry where the matter is filed or the associate of the presiding judge.

See the contact details for each associate of the P and E Court judges in other locations