Requesting a minor change hearing

Where the hearing of:

  • a review
  • an application in a pending proceeding; or
  • an application for final judgment involving a minor change

is likely to exceed 15 minutes, but will take no longer than 30 minutes, the Brisbane Court will hear these matters on a Tuesday at 9.15am.

Registries outside of Brisbane should be contacted directly regarding local practices.

Depending on the number of judges sitting in the court at the time, each judge may (at their discretion) hear up to two matters on Tuesday mornings, with the expectation that the matters will be dealt with by 10am.

Parties may contact the P&E List Manager by email to request a hearing date. Parties cannot request a hearing until all material and any outline of argument, which the parties will rely on at the hearing, have been filed with the court.

Request template

The parties must use the Request template below when seeking a hearing date.

If your request is granted, P&E List Manager will confirm the hearing date allocated by the court.

File No:  
Name of active parties:  
Preferred hearing date:  
Is the matter a lengthy review, application in pending proceeding or minor change hearing (whether or not including final orders)  
Has all the material and arguments on which the parties will rely been filed:  
Is the matter contested:  
Estimated time for hearing:  
If the request is communicated by a party on behalf of the active parties, it must:
  • State that all active parties join in the   request; and
  • Include a copy of written evidence of the   consent of all other active parties