Requesting a minor change hearing

The Brisbane court has adopted a new practice for seeking orders or final judgments for a minor change. If the parties estimate the hearing will take 15 minutes or more to present their material, and for the court to consider the changes to the development, the court would prefer that these matters be heard on Tuesday at 9.15am rather than on regular review dates. The court will consider up to two matters on Tuesday mornings, with the expectation that the matters will be dealt with by 10am.

Parties should not book a minor change hearing until the matter is ready to be heard, as adjournments will not be viewed favourably. Any material to be relied upon is to be filed prior to the request being made.

To request a hearing, parties can send an email to the ADR Registrar who will list the matter on a Tuesday. Alternatively parties can seek a date from the presiding Judge at the next review date for the matter. In both circumstances you will need to advise the estimated time required, and whether the changes are contested.