Going to the Magistrates Court

Below are information and resources that may be useful when you deal with various matters in the Magistrates Court.

Domestic and family violence

Domestic violence orders (DVOs), having DVOs made against you and how to get support

Applying for bail

How to apply for bail, what the court considers, possible conditions and bail breaches

Money disputes up to $150,000

For disputes of value up to $150,000 started in the Magistrates Court, or a QCAT decision registered in the Magistrates Court

Alternative dispute resolution

Dispute resolution options available to you as an alternative to going to court

Search for a court file

Options for searching for files and documents used in the various Queensland Courts

Costs assessment – legal fees

Applying for a costs assessment if you dispute the amount of legal costs you have to pay

Costs assessment – party

Applying for a costs assessment if a party must may costs under court order or legislation

Interest calculator

Calculating simple interest from 1 November 2000

Interest rates

Interest rates on default judgments before a registrar, court judgments and money orders

Offender levy

About the offender levy, an administrative fee to help pay for law enforcement and administration costs