Money disputes under $150,000

If you have a money dispute of a value up to $150,000 and you haven’t been able to resolve it privately or through alternative dispute resolution, you may apply to have it resolved in the Magistrates Court. (For disputes for amounts up to $25,000, visit QCAT.)

You don’t need to have legal representation; however, you may wish to seek independent legal advice if you’re considering civil action. The other party may have legal representation.

Note: Court staff can’t give legal advice or recommend what you should do in your case. However, they can give general procedural advice. Read more on what advice we can give.

Claim and statement of claim

Starting the process of filing a claim for any amount up to $150,000

Chamber applications

Applying for an order requiring another party to provide information


Requesting a judgment, types of judgments, having a judgment set aside and registering an interstate judgment

Enforcement hearings

Applying for a hearing to uncover financial information about a person who owes money under a court order

Statement of financial position

The form to disclose your financial position if you owe money to a creditor

Enforcement warrants

Applying for a warrant to enforce a judgment or money order and recover monies awarded to you in the court, including various types of warrants

Enforcing tribunal orders

How to enforce an order from QCAT

Employment claims

Claiming money owed to you by an employer

Bulk lodgements

Filing multiple court documents for processing at one time