Reconciliation Action Plan

A short video message from the Attorney-General congratulating the Land Court on launching their first Reconciliation Action Plan. The video also marked the commencement of the Land Court of Queensland and Referring Agencies Annual Conference which was held in Dalby on 24 August 2022.


The main driver for developing a Land Court RAP is our Cultural Heritage jurisdiction. The Court has legislative powers to stop a person or a group from harming or taking Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage by granting an injunction. The Court makes decisions that preserves Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights. Visibility of the Court and its jurisdiction is an issue particularly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and community organisations with one of the main reasons being the lack of communication about the Cultural Heritage jurisdiction.

The RAP is an ideal opportunity for the Court to reach out to inform Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and community organisations of the jurisdiction of the Land Court and how they can access the services.

We decided that the Innovate RAP was most appropriate for the Land Court. We all felt that as an organisation we could contribute to developing and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples given our jurisdiction. The Innovate RAP would provide us with opportunities to be aspirational and innovative, something we felt we could work with given the size of our workforce and the geographical area that we cover, being the whole of the State of Queensland. To view the Land Court RAP, click here.