Wills and probate

If you’re named as executor in someone’s will, you are responsible for carrying out the terms of the will when they die.

To do this, you may have to apply for probate, which is the court’s recognition that the will is legally valid and you’re authorised to deal with the estate.

You’re not required by law to apply for probate—but there are circumstances when you may need it.

Find out how to apply if needed and search for a will with a grant of probate.

About probate and grants

Types of grants, when you need to apply and what to do when probate is granted in another state with assets in Queensland

Applying for a grant

Five steps to apply for a grant of probate, grant of letters of administration of the will and grant of letters of administration on intestacy

Searches for wills and probate

What you can and can’t search for, and instructions on searching for probate and obtaining a copy if required

Electronic lodgement by practitioners

Practitioners can lodge applications for Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration

Electronic Lodgement of Estate Applications Protocol

Probates - Wills and Letters of Administration Electronic Lodgement Guide

Supreme and District Courts - Approval 1 of 2020

Troubleshooting guide

A guide to solving problems in preparing affidavits, applications, death certificates and other documentation for your grant application


All the forms you need for grants and probate

Practice Direction

The Wills and Estates List expedites proceedings brought in respect of a will or an estate and reduces the costs of such proceedings.