Court availability

Hearing Days

On the Monday prior to the Planning and Environment Court callover, the Court will post on the website a table indicating the hearing days available in the upcoming Brisbane sittings.

This information is provided to assist the parties in preparation for the callover. It is subject to change. The allocation of hearing dates is at the discretion of the court at the callover.

Refer to the Queensland Court Calendars for more information.

P and E Applications/Review Dates

A live calendar is accessible on the court website which indicates the days currently available for setting down applications before a judge in the Brisbane during a P and E application week or on Review day. The calendar refreshes on an approximately hourly basis, and will show the time of the last update near the top of the page.

Available dates are subject to change. You should consider an alternative for your hearing date, as there may be insufficient space remaining on the day of your first preference by the time the registry or court receives your request.

See the calendar of P and E Applications/Review Dates.