About Murri Court

Murri Courts are located in the Magistrates and Childrens Courts in Brisbane, Caboolture, Cairns, Cherbourg, Cleveland, Ipswich, Mackay, Maroochydore, Mount Isa, Richlands, Rockhampton, St George, Toowoomba, Townsville and Wynnum.

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Our aims

Murri Court aims to:

  • encourage members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to participate in the Murri Court process
  • deliver a culturally appropriate court process that respects and acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures
  • refer defendants to support services that address the underlying contributors to their offending
  • give magistrates detailed information about defendants’ personal and cultural circumstances.

Our goals

Murri Court goals are to:

  • reduce the frequency and seriousness of any subsequent contact that Murri Court defendants might have with the criminal justice system
  • encourage defendants to take responsibility for their offending, and increase their awareness of the consequences of their actions for victims and the community
  • encourage magistrates to consider at sentence how a defendant’s cultural and personal circumstances contribute to their offending
  • encourage defendants’ attendance and engagement with support services while on bail
  • facilitate improvements in defendants’ self-reported physical and psychological health, and quality of life
  • improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander defendants’ engagement with, and understanding of, the court process
  • improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders’ and Respected Persons’ confidence in, and knowledge of, the court process.

Our wider contribution

By achieving these goals, Murri Court will help:

  • improve the appropriateness of the criminal justice system for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by being inclusive and responsive to culture
  • reduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander overrepresentation in the criminal justice system
  • increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities’ confidence in the criminal justice system
  • grow a fair, safe and just Queensland.

The Murri Court artist

The Murri Court graphic design was created by Gilimbaa artist David Williams. David is a proud Wakka Wakka man born in Rockhampton, now based in Brisbane.