On the day

When and where to go

The Court of Appeal generally hears matters between 10.15am and 4.15pm.

You will be notified in writing of the date of the appeal hearing.

Details of the hearing time and courtroom, as well as what judges are in the hearing, are:

  • published in the Law List in The Courier-Mail the day of the hearing
  • displayed on the daily law lists page after 6pm the day before the hearing
  • available from the registry on the afternoon before the hearing.

If you’re representing yourself, you must be present in court for the time nominated for hearing and we recommend that you arrive early.

When you arrive

The Supreme Court Practice Direction 3/2013 gives you information about general procedures and what you need to do before the hearing.

When you arrive at the courtroom, complete an appearance slip in triplicate. These are usually kept outside the courtroom. The appearance slip is a written record of the names of the parties and their representatives, collected by the bailiff or associate and handed to the judges.

The hearing commences once the judge’s associate calls the name of the matter. Ensure you’re seated at the bar table when the hearing starts.

All proceedings are recorded, so remember to speak clearly and slowly.

If you don’t attend

If you don’t attend your appeal hearing, the matter may be considered in your absence.

  • If an appellant/applicant doesn’t appear, the matter may be struck out and they may be required to pay costs.
  • If a respondent doesn’t appear, the matter may be heard in their absence.

Tell the registrar if you don’t wish to appear in person but would like to have your matter heard via your written submissions. Also discuss the possibility of appearing via video or telephone link.

Otherwise, you must attend your hearing on the correct date at the set time.

Practical questions

Wheelchair accessibility

The QEII Courts of Law Complex and courtrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Parking and public transport

There are several large car parking stations in the city within walking distance of the Law Courts Complex. The complex is also accessible by train, bus and ferry.

Making phone calls

You may use your mobile phone outside the courtroom, but your mobile phone must be turned off when in the courtroom.

Refreshments and breaks

The Court of Appeal breaks for lunch and may also break at other times. When this occurs, the people in the hearing will be told when the court will resume.

You should stay close to the court at all times (except during lunch breaks).

Eating and drinking inside courtrooms is generally prohibited. However, water is provided for witnesses and litigants at the bar table.

Smoking is not allowed inside or on the Courts precinct.