About Childrens Court (Magistrates Court)

Magistrates Court matters involving juveniles are dealt with in a special court known as the Childrens Court.

Magistrates Court proceedings

All Childrens Court proceedings in the Magistrates Court are heard in a closed court—only people directly involved in the case may be present and no information identifying a juvenile defendant can be published.

Youth justice

These proceedings involve juveniles who commit, or are alleged to have committed, offences.

Child protection

These proceedings relate to applications by the Department of Child Safety or the Director of Child Protection Litigation regarding protecting children from harm.


The purpose of these proceedings is to provide for a child’s long-term care, wellbeing and development by creating a permanent parent–child relationship between the child and adoptive parents.

District Court matters

Some matters involving juveniles are heard in the District Court by the Childrens Court of Queensland (CCQ), including:

  • indictable criminal offences (serious crimes) committed by juveniles
  • parentage orders and discharge of parentage orders.

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