Applying for bail

    How bail is dealt with

    An application for bail can be considered by the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts.

    Generally, you can apply for bail in the court that is dealing with your charges. If bail has been refused in a Magistrate or District court or if you are facing serious charges, then the Supreme Court can hear your bail application.

    If granted, all bail orders are processed as a matter of urgency and often include conditions, such as either you or another person giving the court a fixed amount of money which can be kept by the court if you fail to turn up at your next court date; or you are reporting regularly to a specific police station.

    Any money or surety is refunded or released after the court has finally decided the charges but only if you have followed all the bail conditions or rules.

    Applying for bail in the Supreme or District Court

    Bail applications by email – Supreme Court (Brisbane)

    Acceptable applications

    Only the following bail applications may be made by email:

    Form 3 – Application for bail in the court before which the indictment was presented - Criminal Practice Rules (CPR)

    Form 2 - Application for bail in the Supreme Court - CPR.