Attending by Video or Telephone conferencing

Queensland Courts are equipped with video and telephone conferencing facilities to allow remote parties to participate in court matters. If you are attending court via video conference you will be emailed instructions on how to join.

You will be provided instructions on how to join via one of the following video or telephone conferencing applications:

From late May, Queensland Courts will begin to use Webex replacing Pexip.

On the day:

  • be ready to start at least five (5) minutes before the start time
  • consider using a headset, headphones or earbuds
  • if using headphones with a microphone, test it is working
  • turn off or eliminate background noise and distractions
  • ensure that you have a stable internet connection
  • make sure you will not be interrupted during the call


  • mute your microphone when not speaking or upon request
  • close all non-essential programs running on your device to increase audio quality
  • all attendances/conversations are recorded just as if the matter was happening in the court room
  • monitor the quality of your video. If it starts to freeze or the audio is delayed, it might be that there are bandwidth issues. If this impairs your ability to participate in the court matter, please notify the court of issues. If possible, consider turning off your video (mute your video), and use audio only

How to join a video conference

Using Webex

If you have been advised to join a court matter using the video conferencing application Webex, refer to the following:

Prior to your scheduled court matter, you will be provided with joining details via email. Please ensure you follow instructions provided via email.

  1. Follow the instructions in your email to click Join Meeting or copy and paste the meeting link into your internet browser.
  2. The link will re-direct you to the Webex How do you want to join the meeting? Select Continue in the browser.

Join the Webex video conference on your mobile or desktop computer. To join on a:
Mobile device – Download and install the Webex application from your device app store.
Desktop computer – No software download is required. Webex is supported on most internet browsers. The latest version of Google Chrome is recommended.

3.  On the Join meeting page, click Join as a guest on the web page. You will be directed to the Guest sign in web page.

4.  Enter your display name. You will then be taken to the Lobby.

The web display name will display as your name in the video conference.

What happens after you join

The Lobby is a virtual ‘waiting room’. All parties that have joined the meeting are virtually placed into the virtual Lobby.

You will need to wait for the Associate/ Clerk or the Registry to give you access to enter the matter.

What happens during

When you enter the video conference you may have your camera and your microphone muted. If so, you will be prompted to turn on your camera by clicking Start video.

To unmute your audio, click Mute/Unmute in your Webex screen.

How to leave

Only leave the video conference when directed by clicking the red X button and Leave Meeting button on your Webex screen.

Join using a telephone (voice only)

To join with audio only via a telephone number, refer to the details listed in your email invitation. You will be required to dial the telephone number and enter the listed Meeting number followed by the # key.

Using Chorus Call

If you have been advised to join a court matter using the video conferencing application Chorus Call, refer to the following:

Using Pexip

If you have been advised to join a court matter using Pexip, refer to the instruction guide (PDF, 908.1 KB) provided.