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Legal advice

Supreme and District Courts - Civil

Self Representation Service

The QPILCH Self Representation Service (the Service) may be able to help you if you are representing yourself in a civil case in the District Court, Supreme Court or Court of Appeal. The Service helps people who are unable to afford private legal assistance and are ineligible for legal aid.

We provide free independent legal advice during appointments with volunteer lawyers to help people represent themselves in the best possible way.
Our volunteers provide advice and assistance with tasks, including:

  • advice about whether, and how, to commence proceedings
  • advice about court and tribunal processes
  • assistance to draft documents such as applications, statements of claim, defences, affidavits and submissions
  • assistance to draft court and tribunal forms
  • assistance with preparing for trial and appearing in court
  • advice about appealing court and tribunal decisions
  • referral for pro bono mediation
  • advice about other options for the resolution of disputes.

The Service and solicitors will not:

  • be responsible if a limitation period expires before the litigant can be assisted by the Service
  • take on the conduct of the litigant’s legal problem or court proceeding
  • represent the litigant at hearings or trials
  • act for the litigant as their solicitor on the court record
  • sign any documents on behalf of the litigant
  • communicate with the court, the other parties or legal representatives on the litigant’s behalf
  • pay any fees, disbursements or costs orders incurred by the litigant.

Contact us

For information about applying for an appointment, use the contact information below or visit our website.

Level 1
Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law
415 George Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Office hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Telephone: (07) 3247 9222

Community Legal Centres

Your local community legal centre may be able to provide you with legal advice and assistance.  A list of the community legal centres in Queensland can be found on the Queensland Association of Independent Legal Services’ website.

September 2016
  • Land Court wins award
Queensland Land Court Reports
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11 March 2014
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14 December 2016

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