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Chamber applications

Magistrates Court - Civil

A chamber application is made to the court for an order in a civil proceeding.

For example, you may have asked the other party to provide more details about their pleadings but they refuse. You can make a chamber application to the court for an order that they supply those particulars.

There are different types of chamber applications including:

  • originating application
  • application not on notice
  • application on notice.

A chamber application consists of either a Form 9 – Application (UCPR) or a Form 5 - Originating Application (UCPR), along with a Form 46 - Affidavit (UCPR).

The application is the order you want the magistrate to make and the affidavit outlines the reasons you want the magistrate to grant your application.

Business hours

The Civil Registry is open 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday (except for public and court holidays).

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